Dvi design Radvilė Tirevičiūtė ir Laura Dabravalskytė

Interior studio DVI is architectural, interior and design solutions for business spaces. Here functionality is complemented by aesthetics, and creative intuition follows in the footsteps of professionalism.

Duality also runs through the roots of our history: DVI combines 10 years of friendship and more than 14 years of work experience. We created our professional foundation separately, designing offices of various corporations in Lithuania and foreign countries with different teams, and in 2017 we connected our professional paths under the roof of DVI.

Our specialization is public interior design and project management, and our passion is non-standard, but functional and timeless solutions. Successful professional activity is also embodied by the wide variety of our clients: offices, cafes, bars, beauty and sports studios, hotels, health facilities. Challenges and the search for unique solutions are an integral and interesting part of the work of architects, so we are ready to discover new perspectives and implement unconventional ideas.

We want every space we touch to impress with its functionality, bring inspiration and invite you back with its comfort. We pursue these goals through the main principles of our work:

Exclusive attention to your needs

We believe that the foundation of successful projects is based on mutual synergy with customers and contractors, so we strive to fulfill the client's vision not only with quality work, but also with responsible involvement in work processes. We set ourselves ambitious goals, so an important element of our business is the responsibility that accompanies each stage of cooperation.

Quality and sustainability of materials

We pay a lot of attention to the search for exclusive and suitable materials for the individual project, we value their production technology and sustainability. We want to create long-term added value, so we strive to ensure that the tools we use are not an expression of one-day fashion.

Technical knowledge and quality of space

At every stage of the project, we value detail and the completeness of the designed result, and our long-term experience helps us to communicate and implement this perfectly.


Interior design studio DVI
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