Consultations-TEST FIT

This service is designed to ensure the ergonomic layout of all essential and company-important areas. During the test-fit, specific business needs are identified and tasks for further design work are specified. In consultations, we emphasize zoning, but it is not as detailed as room layout. The focus is on facility suitability testing.

Professional consultation is a valuable investment in the successful implementation of the project, because the correct office layout not only helps to optimize the ineffective area, but also ensures more productive work, and at the same time - a happier employee.


Work place design

We offer office planning solutions according to different office types as open plan (it is also called "Open space"), collaboration, team, hybrid, ABW and other working principles.

A little less known in Lithuania, but very rapidly developing, is the principle of ABW (Activity based working) office planning, when the employee does not have an assigned workplace and employees have complete freedom to choose in which work area they want to work, taking into account the task received. Flexible workplaces and practices are offered to reduce costs while increasing workforce creativity, productivity and fostering responsibility by providing the freedom to choose the principle of the workplace.

If you are interested in this service without a clear idea of ​​which layout model will bring the most benefits to the company, we invite customers to a survey. During it, we help clarify organizational principles, refine the company's identity, management and work principles, work processes, determine the innovativeness of expected changes and many other important aspects. The obtained results are also summarized according to percentages, which help to answer the question of how many and what spaces in the office need to be provided. This creates a solid foundation for the further planning process.



We carry out the exact layout of the premises according to the clarified and coordinated task with the customer. During this process, we also follow STR, hygiene and fire safety norms.


Concept and design

Taking into account the company's values ​​and the message we aim to broadcast to the environment, we determine the direction of the interior of the premises and choose a theme that reflects these parameters.




Technical drawings

The composition of documents and the amount of solutions and their detailing (in the form of text, calculations, drawings) are prepared in the technical project. The result of this service is sufficient to understand and evaluate the idea of ​​the builder (customer) from a technical perspective. The design stage is of fundamental importance when estimating the construction cost of the works, announcing the tender for the construction contractor, and performing construction or demolition works.


Furniture project

A list of furniture in use and its arrangement in plan is presented, indicating specific manufacturers and products according to the available concept. Detailing of custom-made furniture, material options.


Author supervision and management of the project

We work closely with clients and construction managers, who are responsible for the execution of interior works according to the submitted project. If there are any uncertainties at the construction site during the execution of the works, we resolve them both during the visit and remotely.